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Moving House Sustainably

Collectively, moving house creates thousands, if not millions, of tonnes of waste each year.

With some thoughtful planning and environmental consideration, you'll be surprised how sustainable you can make your move.

You'll probably have seen plenty of Netflix decluttering shows that give you great ideas for

clearing out unwanted items. Hold fire! Many of these things, such as blankets, sheets, tee-

shirts, old newspapers and boxes, can be used as packing materials for your breakable items. If you need more, try using biodegradable products to reduce your overall environmental footprint. Consider investing in reusable packaging instead of single-use paper and cardboard boxes; you can use them for storage, a child's playhouse or a cat playroom when you get to your new house.

By planning your move early, you can research removal firms committed to doing their bit for

the environment. Reputable firms will take time to pack your items, protect your belongings

and use minimal environmentally friendly shipping materials. As a rule of thumb, the cheaper

the quote, the cheaper the service.

If you are downsizing, consider donating or selling unwanted items. Selling unwanted goods is a great way to recycle them, and you can re-invest the sale proceeds into items for your new home. You could also bequeath furniture to a local shelter for people experiencing

homelessness or even comfy chairs for a cat or dog shelter. If there are old items that you can't sell, discuss eco-friendly and safe disposal with your removal firm.

By packing smartly, you can go a long way to reducing waste. Consider each item and if they are worth moving with you. Will they stay in a box for the next 10 years, or will you use them? Not only will packing smart ensure that you don't move unnecessary items, but keeping the weight to a minimum will reduce your carbon footprint.

By choosing an address-forwarding agency, you will not only save time but also prevent

additional stress so that you can focus on what truly matters. WeMoveAddy will take you by

the hand and take care of your home service needs, including all of your utilities, broadband,

government services, banks and insurance and even storage facilities if needed. They'll help you transition into your new home with ease.

Moving home is always challenging, but you can rest easy knowing that you've done the best for the environment if you consider that your furniture, personal belongings and information are handled correctly.

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